Colonic Treatments in Cork

Mimi Cosgrave  ARCH Colonic Treatment Specialist – RN RM BsC

Mimi Cosgrave ARCH Colonic Treatment Specialist – RN RM BsC

Colonic Treatments in Cork

Colonic irrigation is a specialist treatment for cleansing the Colon (the large intestine or bowel) Colon Irrigation or Colon Hydrotherapy can help by dealing with the symptoms you present,  thus giving you a kick start to a Healthier Life style.

The idea of Colonic Irrigation –visions of tubes and hoses ,fireman sluicing drains-can still all too often provoke both gales of laughter and shudders of disgust

The benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy or Colonic Irrigation

  • Treats IBS/Constipation, giving a feeling of lightness
  • Reduces bloating, resulting in a flatter tummy
  • Helps with Flatulence (passing toxic wind)
  • Assists with Weight Loss & is Anti-ageing
  • Reduces Stress & Anxiety, Energy boost
  • Facilitates Bowel and Liver cleanse- clearer skin, brighter eyes.

Ancient Wisdom Clinic is run by Mimi Cosgrave who has worked in the Health sector for many years. I am a qualified Nurse & Midwife, BSc. Nutritionist and Colon Hydro-therapist  (ARCH website Munster) trained by a Harley Street consultant, the current equipment used is the preferred method used by Harley Street clinics

  • The Colon (Large Intestine)is situated in the abdomen and is the last part of the Digestive system.
  • The Colon is an extremely important organ, Its vital functions include the completion of the digestive process, the absorption of water soluble nutrients and the synthesis of certain vitamins.
  • The Colon eliminates food and other body wastes as well as protects the body from toxins, infection and disease.

However, the delicate balance of this eco-system can be very easily disturbed by a number of factors such as Stress, Alcohol, Smoking, Poor food choices, Pollution and Exposure to toxic substances.

Costs €90 per session, cash payment only as we don’t have any card processing.


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